Automotive and Transportation

The growing regulatory environment, newer designs, reduced time to the market, cost pressures, vehicle complexities and rapid innovations in the vehicle technology are driving the safety, quality, cost, reliability and compliance of automotive components and system. This is the most challenging time for the automotive industry. In such a scenario, it has become increasingly important for the designers, researchers and manufacturing professionals to work with reliable partners and take great care while testing and approval of such material. We need effective answers to critical questions like “Will this material sustain the load? ”Will this component withstand the high Fatigue Cycles? etc.

Material Testing:-

  • Tear, Tensile, Elongation, Impact, Hardness etc.
  • Salt Spray (Basic & Cyclic Corrosion).
  • Density (Liquid & Solid).
  • Flammability (FMVSS 302, UL 94 – Horizontal &Vertical).
  • Fogging (Gravimetric & Reflectometric).
  • Light Fastness (CI 5000 & CI 4000).
  • Melt Flow Index.
  • FTIR Analysis etc.
  • Polymer true Stress Strain.

Reliability Testing-

  • Basic Climatic Chambers.
  • Rapid Temperature Change Chambers.
  • Thermal Shock.
  • Dust Chamber.
  • UV Light Testing Chamber.
  • Walk in Chambers.
  • ESCR.

Fatigue Testing:-

  • Uni-axial Fatigue Testing on Resonating.
  • Pulsator up to 250 KN Load.
  • Bi-axial Fatigue Testing.
  • 3 Point Bend /Compression Test.
  • Combined Vibration & Temperature Testing.
  • Durability (Cycle Test).

Vehicle Level / Specials Tests:-

  • Tyre Testing.
  • Material Level / Part Level VOC Testing.
  • Formaldehyde and Odor Testing.
  • ELV (2000/53/EC) & ROHS Testing.
  • On Road Vehicle Testing Services.

Other Testing Services:-

  • BIS Certification.
  • EMI/EMC Testing Services.
  • E&E Safety Testing.
  • RoSH/REACH/Chemical Testing.
  • Vehicle and component certification as per AIS norms (India Homologation services).
  • Powertrain durability on Indian Roads.
  • Data acquisition services on Indian Roads / in Mines.
  • Inspection services in India and also in China.


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