Chemical Oil & Gas

We have extensive experience working with the high-performance materials used in oil & gas production. We offer a variety of chemical analysis, metallurgical testing, mechanical testing and corrosion testing services. In the event of failure, we offer root cause determination and solutions to prevent recurrence.

Felicitas has a history of addressing complicated corrosion issues, including stress corrosion cracking, dezincification, pitting corrosion and many other mechanisms.

  • Engineering/consulting.
  • Technical due diligence.
  • Site assessment.
  • Conformity assessment.
  • Process safety management.
  • Testing chemical process safety.
  • Testing fire & explosion data.
  • Technical specification management.
  • Welding Procedure Review.
  • Component certification.
  • Technical due diligence.
  • Data & documentation management.
  • Safety & Quality Management.
  • Final acceptance tests.
  • Site acceptance testing for flow measurement including the development of specific procedures.
  • Vendor surveillance & shop auditing.
  • Engineering / consulting.
  • Plant & process optimisation.
  • Energy efficiency assessment.
  • Failure analysis.


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