Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability


Occupational Safety Environmental Occupational Health & Medical Smart HSE Solutions
1)      Construction Safety & Project Management Safety 1)      Environment and Social Governance (ESG) for IFC Funded Projects 1)      Occupational Health Assessment and Certification for workmen 1)   App based learning and Intervention for success in HSE
2)       Road Transportation Safety 2)      ESG for Private Equity Requirements 2)      Medical Risk Assessment and Medical Emergency Response Plan 2)   Online, Remote, Geo Fenced App based  Permit To Work system
3)      Injury & Disease Prevention and monitoring  programs 3)      Environmental Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions 3)      Competent Medical (Doctor / Paramedic) Staffing 3)   Telematics and Speed Governors  for all type of vehicles and Bikes.
4)      Risk Management 4)       EHS Legal Requirements 4)      24×7 Medical Emergency Response Services and Assistance 4)   Remote training delivery at multiple location
5)      Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness 5)      Responsible Care Management System 5)      Provision of ALS / BLS Ambulances 5)   Customized Animation / Videos / Webcasts to selected Audiences
6)      Online Permit to work (PTW) systems 6)       Performance of Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Plants (STP / ETP) 6)      Workplace / Remote Site Medical Services Assistance 6)   Remote Virtual site Audits and Inspections

7)   24×7 Medical Emergency Response

7)      Warehouse / Store Safety 7)       Energy Audits Sustainability 8)   HSE Data Analytics and Insights (Both on mobile and Web)
8)      Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 8)      Energy Management System as per ISO 50001 1)      Sustainability Reporting


Generic Services
9)      Office Safety & Visitor Safety 9)      Green House Gas Emission Reporting as per ISO 14064 2)      Design, development, implementation and compliance of Sustainability Initiatives to meet SDGs 1)   Comprehensive Accident / Incident Investigations
10)   Fire Prevention, Protection & Mitigation Programs 10)    Carbon Footprint Assessment 3). ISO / IMS Certification for ISO 26000 2)   Implement & Succeed  in EHS : TAGG (Train, Audit, Guide and Govern)
11)   HAZOP 11)   Life Cycle Assessment Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 3)   HSE Data Analytics
12)   Process Safety 12)   Water foot print assessment 1)      Implement Road Safety programs as per the GOI notification 4)   HSE due diligence for new  projects / office premises / sites
13)   Behavior Based Safety 13)   ISO / IMS Certification and implementation for ISO 14001 2)      Community and Livelihood development programs in line with company CSR / SDGs 5)   HSE Audits and Inspection (2nd / 3rd Party)
14)   Aviation Safety 14)   Waste Management & Resource Conservation Programs Security & Asset Protection 6)   ISO / IMS Certification for OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 and ISO 39001
15)   Safety Management Systems

(Please refer to attached Annexure 01: “Occupational Safety Services” for more details )

1)      Vulnerability and Threat Analysis


7)   Help Obtain, review and comply with Legal obligations (Fire, Environment, Labour, Safety, DG, Electrical)
  2)       Route Survey and Advice 8)    HSE Manpower provision



 1). Construction Safety & Project Management Safety** 4).  Risk Management 2). Road Transportation Safety
     I.    Lifting plan for critical hoisting activities   I.       Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessments   I.       Telematics and App based monitoring and intervention (Vehicle /Driver)
    II.    Multi-tier Contractor Development and Excellence programs  II.       Design and implement Risk Exposure Reduction and Elimination Initiatives  II.       Black Spot remediation
  III.    HSE Assessment of contracts and Contractors 5). Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness III.       Defensive Driving Training
 IV.    Development & implementation of HSE plan, method statements and SOPs   I.       Design, development and implementation of BCP and Emergency response plan &  procedures IV.       Road Safety Awareness and Emotional connect programs
   V.    End to end safety implementation in Optical fiber works, structural steel erection, work at height, material lifting using cranes / hydra, Infra works.  II.       Mock Drills, Training to stakeholders, Set up of command and control center V.       Deliver CSR programs as per the GOI statute

VI.       Implement Speed Governor and Government Authorized interventions

 VI.    Legal compliance, monitoring and reporting 6). Online Permit to work (PTW) system (App / web based, Geo fenced, Time stamp, Photo / video evidence and declaration at each stage, Remote PTW approvals) VII.       ODC / Large consignment Transportation Safety
VII.    Supervisor and field personnel (Electricians, Welders, Crane / Hydra Drivers, Riggers, etc.)  – Competency mapping, Trade based Training and Fitness to work certification 14). Aviation Safety

(Assessment and reporting of air transportation  worthiness for Helicopters and fixed wing Airplanes – commercial and chartered)

8). Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
VIII.    HSE Manpower Planning, Mapping, Assessment, provision     I.       Customized guidance for Selection, Use, Maintenance, storage and Disposal of PPE
  IX.    Automation of critical HSE processes / risks  Manpower Services  II.       Online / remote PPE Inspection
   X.    Government Certification and Load test of Cranes, Hydra, Lifting equipment, rigging equipment, pressure vessels, lifts, pressure vessels, winches.      I.    Provision of Trained and customized HSE  Manpower at all levels /  time period III.       PPE need assessment and solutions


** – HSE aspects related to civil, electrical, mechanical, material handling, height work, structural steel erection/ dismantling, Core drilling & drifting, Tunneling, work near water bodies, explosive handling, Rigging, hot work, etc.


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