Telecommunication and Information Technology

We provide fast and reliable testing and certification services for your telecommunication terminal equipment’s and wireless products. To achieve market success, your products’ design and usability must satisfy the end user’s expectations. In an industry driven by innovation, consumer behavior and expectations are constantly evolving.

We review designs and test specific target groups to provide information about your products’ usability. We ensure the safety of electrical and electronic devices and components. When your products are ready to market, we certify your equipment for the appropriate standards.

Our expertise across a wide range of Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services can help to ensure your latest-and-greatest products are ready to meet regulatory, industry, and customer requirements. We can help you.

  • Reduce risk, while protecting your brand and reputation.
  • Meet local and global regulation standards.
  • Transform your product into business success.

Testing Services:-

  • Bluetooth Testing.
  • Wi-Fi Testing.
  • Information Technology Products.
  • FCC/TCB Approvals.
  • IEC 60950-1 Safety of Information Technology Equipment.
  • IEC 60065  Safety of Audio, Video, and Similar Equipment.
  • IEC 60335-1; -2-x  Safety of Household and Similar Equipment.
  • IEC 60601  Medical Electrical Equipment.
  • CISPR 22; CISPR 24 EMC requirements of IOT Equipment’s.


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