Global Product Approval

FASPL offers a variety of quality assurance, product certification and audit services. As independent third party certifiers, we can provide you with a basis for protection from product liability issues, while ensuring confidence in your products through certified endorsements.

We offer many types of product certifications which result in easier access to global markets. With many consumers, retailers, and distributors looking to differentiate their products, our range of certifications are ideal to re-assure your customers that products have been independently assessed for compliance.

In addition to our various product certifications our compliance experts can also obtain specific country approvals for many types of consumer, telecom and industrial products for the leading international markets including Europe, United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Australasia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.  We may also be able to help you to sell your products to other countries and regions not listed. Please contact us if you have any specific requests.


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