Knowledge Services

The global market is dynamic and you need to be prepared for a constantly changing environment. Industry developments, technological innovations and fierce competition require a deep and timely knowledge of quality and safety regulatory requirements. FASPL partners you with knowledge that gives you a leading competitive edge. 

By working with our experienced experts throughout the entire product design and development process, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience we have accumulated through designing complex test programmes. Our consultancy support aims to save you time and money. We add value by ensuring that compliance issues are managed in a way that eliminates risk of product failure and support to ensure product and process quality along the global supply chain from the first design sketch to the shop floor.

Knowledge services consist of safety, quality, risk and environmental protection regulatory advisory and technical consultancy. We support organisations in a wide range of industries with services from overseeing building and construction projects through to advising on energy management and business process optimisation. We also provide expert opinion and advice on market access issues.

The Knowledge Centre can help if you want to:

  • Find out if there’s a standard for a particular topic.
  • Track down a standard elsewhere in the world.
  • Know what a standard includes.
  • Identify changes to standards, where they have not been completely revised, and understand what the changes mean for you.
  • Conduct historical research into standards.


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